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YouAteThat moved here!

December 23, 2010

We finally did it.  DishesMenLike is the new home of the cooking blog formally known as YouAteThat??? (  If you’ve followed us before, thanks for tagging along.  If you’re new, welcome! All the weeknight meal plans and posts logged since January 2010 are found on this site PLUS a new page — “Cook Here…” — […]

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Winging it without the cooktop

December 20, 2010

When the gas cooktop goes on the fritz, a bit of ingenuity is in order.  A little more than a week ago the ignition switches on all six burners suddenly started clicking furiously in the middle of the night. The racket was stopped only by shutting off the power. The repair man returns tomorrow to […]

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Rebounding with last-minute penne

December 10, 2010

So what happens when you walk into the kitchen with a half-baked plan? You end up baking something else altogether.  I was all set to whip together a quick green curry with chicken and eggplant, but I neglected to check the pantry beforehand. No coconut milk. Green curry was off the menu. But what to […]

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Insta-meals will do for holiday chaos

December 9, 2010

There’s something about that crunch period between Thanksgiving and Christmas where every best-laid plan goes haywire. Including meal plans, of course. I’ve been out for weeknight holiday events; the boys have been immersed in final preparations for robotics competition. That leaves my husband wondering what’s for dinner in a bigger way. Last week’s plan was […]

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