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Healthy eating requires balance (and resilience)

November 22, 2011

“Mom, don’t put this in your blog.”  Son #1 was earnest and I was amazed.  I had just labored, much longer than usual for a weeknight meal, over an extraordinary (IMHO) broccoli-basil mac ‘n cheese casserole.  Cheddar and swiss cheeses blended with a bit of sour cream and cherry tomatoes.  Mixed into hot whole wheat […]

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Photo-worthy but will you eat it?

November 8, 2011

“Now that’s beautiful.” My husband was genuinely enthusiastic about the plate set before him: sauteed  tempeh stacked atop a kale salad.  I wrinkled my nose; I wasn’t so sure.  “Oh, I see, you think your people wouldn’t like that.” “Your people.” That’s you, dear reader.  I get lots of oh’s and ah’s over the photos […]

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