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An A-I dinner on the run (minus the feta)

March 24, 2012

An A-I dinner (minus the feta), a photo by dishesmenlikephotos on Flickr. Making dinner on the run for the last couple of weeks has prompted a focus on “what can I make in 20 minutes or less that’s still healthy”? Here’s the answer: Tortillitas with shrimp (a Bittman recipe for pancakes made with garbanzo/fava bean […]

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A teen tofu victory

March 1, 2012

“WHYYY … tofu?” Son #1 was carefully dodging the white cubes to pluck red pepper strips from the milky coconut curry sauce. “It’s just mush; it’s not real food.” “That’s what you’re going to be eating in the future, get used to it,” my husband retorted. ¬†Tough love at dinner. It was the usual dialogue […]

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