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AtbeditedmugDSC_1388_original copyI’m a working mom who loves to cook but not so much during the week. About age 10 I learned to cook as a Girl Scout. I grew up to be a newspaper journalist, then a public relations agency executive and finally a communication consultant who helps clients tell their stories. No wonder I like writing about how food ends up on our plates!

To maintain sanity in the kitchen, I strive to make weekly meal plans so I actually have an answer when my husband asks “what’s for dinner?” My two teen sons provide plenty of commentary (not always encouraging but usually amusing) and my husband piles on the praise to keep me motivated. It seems only natural to call this blog “DishesMenLike” — inspired by the 1952 Lea & Perrins cookbook of the same title. (I still have my Mom’s copy with a page marked for the “mystery cheese ball.”)

Bon Appetit! ~ Therese

P.S. This blog originated as YouAteThat??? at http://youatethat.wordpress.com/ and moved over here in January 2011.

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