Guys Cook Sundays

Inspirations: Sam Stern's cookbooks and skeleton potholders!

Trixie takes a holiday from the kitchen on Sunday evenings. Husband dons apron; sometimes the boys pitch in. At first my husband was somewhat daunted because “your cooking is so much better.”  Well, after a few months he’s holding his own. Now Son #1 and Son #2 are agreeing to take on the cooking if they set the menu.  Here’s a look at what’s landing on the table when the Guys Cook:

1 April ’12: My husband has been cooking up a storm every Sunday (that’s no April Fool’s joke) but I’ve neglected to update the page.  Here’s an update on the last couple of weeks:

1 April 2012

Roast chicken with herbs (Le Creuset-style); lentils with carrots and leeks; raw Tuscan kale salad

25 March 2012

Grace Young’s Sichuan Pork with peppers; rice; steamed broccoli

9 October 2011 – Son #1

Dungeness Crab

Spaghetti Carbonara

Steamed broccoli

2 October 2011 – Son #2

BBQ Country-style pork ribs

“Chic Champ” – Sam’s mashed potatoes

Steamed green beans

15 May 2011 –

Roast chicken with bleu cheese rub

Garlic mashed potatoes

Brussels sprouts

8 May 2011 –

Ivar’s Clam Chowder

Romaine salad

1 May 2011 –

Grilled bratwurst and onions

French fries

Green salad

24 April 2011 – Easter Dinner (Trixie pitched in on this one)

Baked ham with apricot honey mustard glaze

Quinoa with sweet peas and sour cream dressing

Buttered carrots

17 April 2011 –

Sausage & white bean casserole with swiss chard

Romaine salad

10 April 2011 – A special dual family dinner – Serves 9

Prosciutto and honey mustard palmiers*

Chickens roasted on a bed of salt

Mashed garlic potatoes; mashed parsnips

Asian slaw*

*Recipes from Son #1’s spring break cooking classes at Sur La Table

3 April 2011

Salt-and-vinegar potato chip fish (rolled sole fillets)

Couscous with pine nuts and raisins

Sauteed zucchini

27 March 2011

Creamy fettuccine with proscuitto, asparagus, mushrooms and peas

20 March 2011

Baked cod with piquant bacon-onion crust

Becky’s braised greens (kale)

Apple cheddar cornbread

6 March 2011

Roasted cauliflower and radicchio salad

Chicken roasted on a bed of salt

Mashed potatoes with garlic and sour cream

27 February 2011 – Son #1

Smoked pork stroganoff from Sam Stern’s Real Food Real Fast

Stir fried bok choy and sugar snap peas with basmati rice

Spinach and strawberry salad