Comfort food for exam week

Despite my admonition to “eat what you are served,” I well know that exam week is not the time to test the boundaries of teenage taste buds.

Additional stress at the dinner table is the last thing Son#1 needs as he preps for his first experience of exams in high school. So … the game plan for this week’s meal plan reflects feedback I’ve gleaned here and there from the boys:

Meatless Monday — Shrimp potpie with fennel (Son #1 spotted this recently in my clip book: “we should make that”)

Tasty Tuesday — Emeril Lagasse’s shepherd’s pie (Son #2 enjoyed this one with gusto the last time around)

Whole Grain Wednesday — “Jig-inducing” falafel burgers with tahini sauce; oven sweet potato fries (A recipe from the Meatlover’s Meatless Cookbook.¬†With that title, how can they resist?)

Thermal (not) Thursday — Mac n Cheese from Metro Market (the pressure cooker takes a holiday while Mom is out)

Fun Friday — Steaks; rice pilaf; caesar salad (I’m banking on that research about men and meat)

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