Recycling easy weeknight meals

Last week was such a blur that  it didn’t seem a meal plan was in action. With meetings scheduled four out of five nights (well, I flaked out on one out of sheer exhaustion), it’s a wonder everyone got fed.  Still, we managed to recycle a few favorites:

Farmed tilapia is common on Costa Rican menus

This week got off to a muddy-tasting start.  I was inspired by this month’s Real Simple feature on 10 easy tilapia recipes. Always a bargain and sustainably raised, tilapia is a decent choice for our Meatless Monday meals. Tonight’s recipe for tilapia with peppers and olives failed to inspire. It was a repeat on our meal plan but somehow seemed better the first time around. In all fairness to the fish, I think I overcooked it.  I was daydreaming about the pool of tilapia we saw during a coffee plantation tour in Costa Rica last summer.  Somehow, hanging out with those fish in the tropics was far more inviting than making dinner on this day that started with near-freezing temperatures.  Ah, spring in the Northwest!



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