Slinking back into action


The Birthday Bomb: Maple Bacon Waffle Sundae at the Skillet Kitchen

It was the maple bacon waffle sundae at my birthday brunch that finally caused me to ponder not only my waistline but my absence from the blog.

One year plus since I’ve posted weekly meal plans. I’ve been weak in many ways: Backing off on the themes, grabbing random sweets for snacks, despairing at the lack of meal plans. I could blame the whole collapse on my teen sons. Their revolt at our “healthy” eating began two years ago when my husband and I became smitten with the concept of anti-inflammatory eating. Their constrant refrain of “where’s the meat?” and “this tastes like grass” did indeed wear me down.

My husband and I are huge advocates of plant-based eating. We strive to eat lower on the food chain (he keeps talking about insect cuisine but don’t count me in). But the boys, oh the boys. They get down right cranky around tofu and tempeh. Seitan sends them into orbit. They’ll tolerate beans but wonder why the meat is missing. I found it easier to lapse into my old ways. Vegetables again became the supporting players rather than the starring attraction. I was satisfied to see that everyone was fed in some balanced fashion but meal planning had no appeal.  But a part of me has been yearning for that clean, lightness of being that happened when we traded meat for fruits and veggies, 2 to 1.

Sooo … I’m recommitting to the meal plans, to a goal of anti-inflammation and to getting posted here on the blog. But it’s time I faced the truth:  These days I’m writing about dishes that usually only one man likes; the other two are debatable 🙂


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