Bacon or not, meal plan scores


"Jig-inducing" falafel burgers

I knew last week’s meal plan would be a guy-pleaser — pot pie (two ways); “jig-inducing” falafel burgers; gourmet mac n cheese from Met market. I didn’t expect the ultimate expression of delight over Friday night’s steak dinner:
“Does the steak have bacon in it? ” Son #2 was earnest. “It’s so good!”

We had a laugh, talking about the cult following among bacon lovers (they’ve found each other on Facebook). Nope, the NY strip was naked save for a dash of kosher salt. I could only credit the quality of the beef (PCC natural beef) and the technique — a “master’s recipe” we had clipped a few years ago from The Wall Street Journal.


Coriander, cinnamon & ginger work wonders on roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes

A couple of nights earlier we decided the “jig-inducing” falafel burgers were keepers, but they didn’t compare to the boys’ first experience with falafel during last spring’s trip to NYC. “I guess it’s not the same as standing in a freezing rain on the street in Greenwich Village,” my husband noted. Son#1 was especially fond of the side: roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes dusted with the same coriander-cinnamon-ginger blend. Both recipes are featured in Kim O’Donnel’s Meatlover’s Meatless Cookbook (which is working its magic on my guys despite a rough start with tempeh). I’m conspiring to slip in a few more of Kim’s meatless meals before the book is due back at the library.

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