A kid-pleasing meal plan derailment

Just as I was feeling so proud of a grief-free Meatless Monday, we fell off the meal plan on Tuesday. A poor night’s sleep the night before drove me to Costco in search of  new pillows. There we stood at 6 p.m., cart loaded with memory foam and synthetic down options plus red microfiber for the rec room (the token impulse item). Chicken enchiladas would have to wait. I turned to Son #2 for help with an instant meal for Tasty Tuesday.

Enchiladas w/bulgur salad

Bulgur with zucchini, corn & cilantro for an enchilada dinner on Whole Grain Wednesday

His choice? Bacon mac ‘n’ cheese in the cooler case. I added a box of Earthbound half spring mix, half spinach in an effort to offset the calories. The mac was delicious with all natural ingredients. The boys were thrilled. I glanced at the label — 250 calories, 15 g of fat per serving. Terrific. But something didn’t seem quite right. The folks at GoodFoods Group assumed 10 servings in the 40 oz container.  We managed to get only five out of the box. That’s what we call funky math!

By Wednesday we were back on plan with enchiladas from Sunday’s leftover roast chicken.  In keeping with the theme of Whole Grain Wednesday, I added steamed bulgur to sauteed zucchini and corn with cilantro. A labor-intensive meal for a Wednesday, but worth it. I’ll make up the time on Thursday when St. Paddy’s Day corned beef dinner does its thing in the slow cooker.


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