A lose-lose proposition, resolved

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A-I friendly Chicken with almond butter, salad, and snow peas

I’ve been away for a while. You see, my husband and I decided to take a class in anti-inflammatory nutrition back in June. Little did we know it would be a LIFE-CHANGING experience.

Beyond the fact that I dropped 11 pounds and my husband lost 20, we’ve been looking at our dinner plate in a whole new way. Our new eating plan, “to quiet inflammation” developed by Kathy Abascal, involves much less meat and sugar and a whole lot more vegetables and fruit. That’s a perspective that doesn’t always delight my two teen sons, thus, the blogging dilemma.  We lost weight and I lost favor with two of my three men. How could I write about meals that delight only one man out of three when the blog is named DishesMenLike?

For weeks every dinner started with an “oh, yuck” comment and the routine inquiry “where’s the meat?”  (sounds familiar). It has taken me a while to figure out a meal rhythm that keeps peace with the boys and enables the two of us to remain true to the new way of eating we love. We’ve found a compromise that seems to be working. I’ll prep classic kid food on the side now and then and the boys are willing to be more adventurous. They’re going along with A-I meals, often commenting, “not bad!” after looking askance at our own dinner plates. We try to remain true to the A-I plan, with two-thirds vegetables and fruits, one-third protein and grain. Most days, my husband’s meal looks more like “My Plate” proposed by the USDA, minus the dairy.

I’m taking note of a few winners thus far that all three men do truly LIKE.  Many recipes can be easily adapted to be A-I (anti-inflammatory).  Dishes such as  Chicken with Almond Butter; quinoa-stuffed peppers (ironically, the boys liked this one but my husband not so much); spicy kale and sausage soup.

Eating the anti-inflammatory way definitely adds a new challenge to getting dinner on the table each night.  A look at our meal plans will show we’re not purists.  But after four-plus months, we’re still committed and feeling great. Onward!

DishesMenLike photo

Quinoa-stuffed peppers - thumbs up on the A-I (Anti-Inflammatory) plan




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