Easy posole for hump day

chicken posole

Chicken posole + whole wheat quesadillas with broccoli and cheese

In my college days Wednesday was routinely observed as Hump Day — as if life was so challenging that we had to celebrate the week’s mid-point. Most weeks Hump Day was a reason to leave campus for an all-u-can-eat spaghetti feed at a local tavern.  Just the change of scenery made the trip to town worthwhile. The honky-tonk decor of the joint, complete with country western tunes blaring from a jukebox, offered a certain ambiance that just couldn’t be found in any other restaurant. It was cheap, it was easy, it was a break from the usual d-hall routine.

What does that have to do with last Wednesday’s dinner of Chicken Posole? Not much. I think it’s the ease with which dinner came together that reminded me of gliding into that vinyl booth, elbows resting on a sticky table, not worrying one whit about the mounting calorie count of my full plate of spaghetti and mug of beer. Luckily Chicken Posole is as easy as spaghetti.  And it’s healthier: Shredded chicken (leftover from Sunday dinner); chicken broth; chili pepper; tomatoes, onions, hominy. It seemed too simple so I threw in a dash of cumin, chili powder and garlic for good measure. A squeeze of lime and a healthy spoonful of chopped avocado topped it off.  A side of cheese and broccoli quesadillas (with whole wheat tortillas, natch) made the meal complete.

“Thanks, Mom. That was delicious.” Now that’s the kind of spirit booster I like on Hump Day!

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