A pool of puree for another day

Too much green

Turkey meatloaf with feta and sun-dried tomatoes

“It’s good but don’t ever make it again.” Son #1’s assessment of tonight’s vegetable side dish was lukewarm at best. This is what happens when you force a meal theme. I usually love Thermal Thursday because it’s yet another excuse to use my pressure cooker to blast together a meal in minutes. Running a close second in my favorite kitchen helpers is a hand-held immersion blender.  So Lorna Sass’ recipe for broccoli-potato puree let me play with both.  The result, however, tasted far better than it looked.

“This is like soup,” Son #1 explained. True.  The smooth green puddle on our plates did little to enliven the turkey-feta meatloaf with sun-dried tomatoes.  I  served the two atop a bed of arugula in hopes of bringing some interest to the plate. Too much green. Not enough color and texture to pull it off.

We decided to relegate the puree to that category of foods you need when you’ve just had dental surgery.

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