A quiet return to “normal” food in the New Year

“All right, Meatless Monday!” My husband seemed genuinely excited to see the rather humble meal assembled on the stove: Carrot and Cauliflower Curry; basmati rice; grilled glazed tofu from Deborah Madison’s “This Can’t Be Tofu!”

Glazed tofu, Cauliflower & Carrot CurryThe boys had a decidedly different outlook. Wails of despair about the tofu. Shrugs but not a groan about the curry. I think it was the toasted cashews on top that saved me on that one.

After two weeks of rich (in more ways than one) holiday meals, it was nice to get back to basics. Fresh vegetables cooked in a flash in the pressure cooker. The simplicity of tofu glazed with teriyaki sauce and grilled on the stovetop. Just the right menu to kick off the week and hit the spot before heading off to yoga.

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