Craving a cleaver

Chicken w/yogurt; braised kale

Yogurt & beer flavors chicken in the pressure cooker

The recipe said  “cut straight through the bone.”  What a bold move for a tame Thursday night.

I found myself fantasizing about a return trip to Tokyo where I could purchase one of those dramatic cleavers demonstrated so openly at the fish market.  At the time of my trip so many years ago I couldn’t imagine why I’d need such a blade.  But as I hacked two boned chicken breasts into six pieces, I developed a new appreciation for the value of such a tool. Aside from a few minutes of struggle through gristle and bone, last night’s recipe for Thermal Thursday was a cinch.  Created by a chef looking for filling and economical dishes while studying in Spain, Chicken with Yogurt and Beer turned out quite nicely from the pressure cooker after only a few minutes of browning chicken and onions and then blasting the whole pot for 15 minutes under pressure. That gave me just enough time to boil the egg noodles and braise a bunch of fresh kale with garlic.

Only two (!) easy nights in the kitchen this week. We started off on Meatless Monday with ravioli (frozen) topped with apples, walnuts and Parmesan.  Then I was out for two nights, leaving the guys to enjoy leftovers and Sloppy Joes. Smiles all around. February is turning out to be a light one for meal prep. Only six days left until a vacation that swallows most of the days left in this short month. And it’s six days of just the boys and me since my husband is traveling. Guess I’ll be planning DishesTeensLike!

Ravioli w/apples & walnuts; broccoli rabe

Oh-so-simple ravioli with apples & walnuts; braised broccoli rabe

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