JIT cooking serves up mixed results

Searching for a recipe on my iPhone is a culinary gamble.

Wheat berries with carrots & currants - a distraction from devilish chicken

I’m always delighted to find an appealing recipe while standing in the grocery aisle. Those apps for Epicurious, Whole Foods and Big Oven can be just the ticket when time is short. (As in last week when I scored with a quick artichoke and olive tapenade just an hour before heading to party.) But  just-in-time meal planning isn’t as diligent as my usual routine at the kitchen counter. With phone in hand, usually under time constraints, I rarely take the time to carefully scan the recipe. Such was the case last week when I needed to make a quick switch in the plan with chicken. Mark Bittman’s Deviled Chicken Thighs scored three forks on the Epicurious reviews, but I should have trusted my instincts.  Chicken slathered with mustard and a dash of hot sauce. Bleh.

Good thing I stayed true to the plan for Thermal Thursday. Wheat berries, soaked all afternoon, took their turn in the pressure cooker. The addition of carrots and currants gave the meal just the kick it needed. And good news for pressure cooker fans: I found many of Rick Rodgers’ recipes from Pressure Cooking for Everyone, including this one, on the web here.


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