Redemption through mac ‘n cheese

Ginger lime cod in a bowl

Ginger Lime Cod

I’ve skipped posting our eats here for two weeks. The kitchen scene honestly has been challenging, due to busy schedules, and I’ve been well … bored culinarily (what a concept!). It’s not that I ducked out the kitchen entirely. I tried to motivate myself. Explorations included:

Ginger lime cod in a bowl — a twist on a Vietnamese noodle dish that involved poached cod, lots of ginger and lime and angel hair pasta (whole grain because it fell on a Wednesday)

fingerling potato coinsFingerling roasted potato “coins” – inspired by a local caterer and perfect with rosemary and sea salt.

quinoa w/herbs & peas

Naomi Pomeroy's quinoa

Quinoa with fresh peas, herbs and sour cream dressing – Divine intervention. Perfect to get the kitchen mojo going again. Try it as soon as you can get some fresh English peas at the market (used frozen the second time around — good but not divine.)

Shredded chicken tacos with lime cilantro cream for Cinco de Mayo – chicken thighs just four minutes blasted in the pressure cooker and then four minutes to rest — I’ll never make soft tacos another way, thanks to Lorna Sass yet again.

The guys tolerated a few other mishaps (e.g. flank steak with bok choy  was tasteless and chewy but then again, I’m not much of a red meat lover. I do believe I sabotaged the meal through negligence). I realized this week I needed to get my act together because traffic is up ever so slightly on the blog.  Time to get back in the game. What better choice than a homemade Mac n Cheese for Meatless Monday?

Andrew Engle's Mac n Cheese

Color inspires seconds on mac 'n cheese

This time I vowed to pay attention.  No catching up on Glee while stirring the roux. (My excuse for a gloppy mess on the last mac attempt.) Nope, I was full focus, following the recipe in Shelia Lukins’ Ten cookbook without distraction.  The result? Chef Andrew Engle’s Mac ‘n Cheese was perfect – creamy, tender, filling. And ever more appetizing served in colorful Le Creuset wide soup bowls. I’ve put myself on the slow purchase plan to refresh my tabletop but my husband surprised me with four more colors for Mother’s Day. What a sweetie! He knows color inspires me (thanks to 13 different colors painted on our walls) so why not try it in the kitchen?

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