A flexible Friday night dinner

I wasn’t planning to be in the kitchen tonight. Friday. Time to kick back and order out. (Actually, we rarely order out. I must be dreaming.) Then I remembered there’s broccoli in the fridge and my mind went immediately to the most fantastic recipe EVER:

Roasted broccoli with shrimp. Found this first mentioned on Molly Wizenberg’s blog Orangette.  I trust anything Molly has to say about food. (If you spend enough time on her blog, you’ll know why.) It’s hit or miss on whether the shrimp actually is added to the dish at our house.  We like the broccoli as is.

After streaming home in rush hour traffic from downtown Seattle, I stopped at the QFC with shrimp in mind.  Not on sale. Not in the mood to pay $15/pound for wild or farmed domestic shrimp.  Opted instead for dijon crusted fresh cod fillets. A hot sample in the store told me shrimp would not be missed tonight.

The roasted broccoli was great, as usual. With a side of sliced mango and the pan-fried cod, dinner was easy. Thumbs up all around.   Next time, we’ll hope for earth-friendly shrimp at a civil price so our meal can look like this:

Melissa Clark's roasted broccoli with shrimp


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