Broccoli rabe, pasta and more

A friend of mine is a dietitian so she always has lots of ideas about what we can (or shouldn’t) eat. She talks about the “mental cookbook,” that little collection of recipes that sits in your brain. They’re the Old Faithfuls, the recipes you reach for on a regular basis because a) you want an easy night in the kitchen and/or b) you love them.  Like Broccoli rabe with sausage and pasta.

I love this recipe.  I clipped the recipe out of a magazine long ago so I have no idea of its source.  It turns out there are many variations on the Web. The New York Times suggests spaghetti (I like penne). Rachel Ray doubles up the greens and skips  the sausage (my boys would hate that). Eating Well also omits the sausage but adds beans. I love sneaking beans into any dish.

I usually try something a little different every time I make broccoli rabe and pasta.  On Thursday night, I used whole grain penne and added a can of cannellini beans.  Bring on the fiber! The guys didn’t complain but there was the quiet question:  “is this whole grain pasta?” so we have more leftovers than usual.

Here’s a Real Simple recipe that comes closest to my version of Broccoli rabe with sausage – without all the extra fiber 🙂

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