It’s a Fun Friday when kids cook

Screaming Eagle cheese steak sub

Son #2 flagged the NY Times recipe for Friday night's dinner ... and picked up a knife to help. Truly Fun!

Son #2 wields a mean knife. As in turning out thinly sliced mushrooms, perfect for our first endeavor together on Screaming Eagle cheese steak subs.

The plan kicked off last Sunday when the guys spotted the recipe in the New York Times magazine – a piece about greasy yet beloved sandwiches you can spot on any college campus. Always a fan of cheese steak subs, they decided we should make the Screaming Eagles ( a fave of Boston College) for dinner by week’s end. Son #2 compiled a grocery shopping list and joined me in the kitchen.

I was thrilled. Not only to have help in the kitchen but to get the guys going on my big goal — to cook for themselves.  (This goal was recently documented on a parenting website where I was quoted.  There’s no turning back now.)

We focused on two basics of successful cooking. I explained the value of reading the recipe completely two or three times so we’d have our game plan organized and slicing up all the veggies before we approached the stove. Along the way Son #2 picked up a couple of knife skills. He also got a chance to chastise me for asking him to slice the steaks across the grain, rather than with it as the recipe advised.

“Mom. you didn’t read the recipe.  That would have been a lot easier!”

Love it!




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