Pre-vacation mash-up

Packing up for vacation is a great motivation to clean out the fridge.Owly Images

I hit 6pm last night with a random plan to use up baked ham, potatoes and brussel sprouts.  Then I found a yellow bell pepper. And half a carton of buttermilk. Suddenly dinner didn’t seem so desperate. Son #2 was thrilled to find mashed potatoes with buttermilk and garlic. Roasted sprouts and peppers, with a dash of ubiquitous MOF (Penzey’s Mural of Flavor), and the remains of a baked ham all made for a truly Tasty Tuesday. And it all came together as I hummed to last week’s recorded Love Songs episode of Glee. The last dinner I made while absorbed in Glee was disastrous. I learned my lesson … keep it simple if you want to dance and sing at the stove!

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