Comfort food delights on Tasty Tuesday

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Shepherd's Pie - a comfort food that delights

“Dat dere is sum darn good food.”

Son #2 was digging enthusiastically into round one (of two) of Shepherd’s Pie. It appears Tasty Tuesday was living up to its moniker. After waxing on about the merits of gratitude in my last post, I was practically speechless. “Well, thank you.”

My version of Emeril Lagasse’s Shepherd’s Pie was more homespun: Ground beef instead of lamb. Timesaving shortcuts like ketchup instead of tomato paste, and canned mushrooms instead of fresh. Hey it’s comfort food.  And it worked!

I figure tonight’s meal earned me some brownie points as we head into Whole Grain Wednesday.  Must find wheat berries tomorrow.


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