Dinner plan derailed

I’m still kicking the tires on the meal planning process. Takes three weeks to turn effort into habit, I’ve heard. Must have good attitude; life happens. Take today, for instance. When events go off-schedule, the meal plan goes sideways fast. I knew the goal of shrimp fried-rice for dinner was at risk about mid-afternoon. A play-by-play of a dinner plan derailed:

3:30pm – Business meeting is delayed 30 minutes; I’m 15 minutes late leaving the meeting downtown to head home in rush hour traffic. In my haste I decide to challenge the GPS directions back to the freeway. Stupid move. I spend an extra five minutes getting back on track.

5:12pm – Stop by the supermarket for some fresh shrimp. I figure I can swing by the school and pick up son #2, feed him a Chicken Bake from Costco at home before he’s picked up for choir practice. Though I lost 15 min in traffic, I can make it up with son #1’s help in the kitchen.  I think.

5:30pm – Arrive at  school to learn that play rehearsals don’t actually end until 6 p.m. Call son #1 to nuke the chicken bake. Dash home and put the rice on to cook. I’m supposed to use cold rice, I know, for stir-fry but I figure I can fudge a bit.

6p.m. – Return to school, chicken bake and choir music in hand, prepared to transfer son #2 to another parent for a ride to choir rehearsal so I can return home to chopping for the stirfry.  A mix-up in plans.  Must take son #2 to the parent’s house to catch ride. Another 15 minutes off the clock.

6:20 p.m – Arrive home to find rice stuck to bottom of pan. Not enough time to chop the veggies anyway. I decide a glass of white wine would be very nice. Those leftovers in the fridge are looking better than ever. The pork tacos actually taste better the second time around.

6:50 p.m. Off to meeting at the Junior High. Will try again tomorrow.

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