Easing into the weekend

As the week came to a close, our dinner plans loosened up considerably.  Thursday night was a hodge-podge.

Son #1 stayed home with a chicken bake while son #2 delighted in a Big Mac meal at the McDonald’s drive-thru (two more votes to put me in the Bad Food Mom Hall of Fame). My excuse:  we were short on time  between play rehearsal and the district honor choir concert. We dropped off son#2 for the pre-concert festivities and headed to a nearby Japanese restaurant.  The longest menu I’ve ever seen. And the sushi was suspicious — too pretty, with artsy swirls of some sort of sauce dribbled over the shrimp tempura roll and around the plate.  All adorned with  a crunchy topping.  Just too cute. Tasty but a strange cultural experience.

Friday came with no real plan, as usual.  I learned late in the afternoon we’d have an extra boy around,  a friend visiting for dinner, so dinner became a split shift:  Meatball subs (easy fixings with Trader Joe’s party meatballs and marinara sauce),  french fries and caesar salad for the boys; rib-eye steaks, baked potatoes and caesar salad for us.  All while watching the pre-season show and first two episodes of the new (and final) season of LOST. Getting through the pre-season show seemed to take twice as long since we had to stop, replay and ponder several dialogues to get “unlost” in the plot.

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