‘Fessing up with veggie doldrums

It makes my husband crazy when I buy berries in winter. Strawberries from Mexico, blueberries from Chile. Eating seasonally is definitely preferred.  And widening our carbon footprint with produce transported across multiple time zones isn’t in keeping with my values. The cause of my lapse? The annual winter veggie/fruit doldrums.

It seems to hit every year about this time – in February – where my appetite seems to wane.  It could be the lack of contact with farmers who bring us the freshest produce.  I know I could subscribe to a local box of vegetables year-round but somehow, I’m not as inspired as in the summer. How many root veggies can you eat every week?

So I indulge in “inappropriate” berries (and can I just point out the bananas will never be grown in the Northwest yet we seem to consume about 20 per week?) It’s all about balance. We eat lots of dark leafy greens — kale, chard, spinach — that still look lovely. My file of kale recipes grows by the week. And my inspiration comes from other places. Recipes with unexpected mingling of ingredients.  Apricots in lamb meatballs; celery leaves with mussels. Or stumbling upon an ingredient that’s hard to find — smoked turkey legs — to feature in a soup recipe clipped years ago.

Running in the background is a commitment to stick with the core principles of the anti-inflammatory eating plan: 2/3’s fruit and veggies; 1/3 protein & grain.  Achieving this proportion at every meal and snack is admittedly more difficult in winter than summer, but doable with a little extra planning and perhaps self-control 🙂

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