Inspirations from Real Simple's month of easy dinners

Weekday dinners are always a challenge.  Recently I started a binder of clippings for quick weeknight menus. A few pages from my main binder (a 2-inch binder of faves over the years) kicked off the collection. Any recipe must pass the time test: make a complete meal start to finish in 30 minutes or less (including sides – veggies, salad, grains).

This isn’t anything new. Fast healthy menus always have been an attraction for working moms. Real Simple is a good resource for this approach but I haven’t cooked enough of its recipes to know if I trust it.  I’m picky about recipes. I want to know something about the chef, see reviews, trust the publication.  Hate to waste my time in the kitchen with a bad recipe.  But I have a pretty good eye for anticipating the outcome by a scan of the ingredients. Fresh, simple, interesting spices.  Real Simple seems to be a fair bet. So far, so good.  Here’s the article that inspired this week’s menus:

Your Guide to a Month of Easy Dinners

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