Reality bites

While this week’s meal plan started off strong, our nutritional profile started heading south by mid-week.

It hit a new low tonight when I fed son #2 a hot pocket and bowl of ice cream before he left early for his school play performance. The timing wasn’t great.  I had just raved about Jamie Oliver’s campaign to teach kids to cook recipes that will “save their lives.” My husband quipped:  “I’m gonna call that British chef and tell him you’re a slacker mom, you food blogger you.”

Reality bites. Hectic schedules can make it difficult to end the day with a balanced dinner.  On Wednesday I headed off to chaperone backstage at son #2’s play, leaving leftover spaghetti and meatballs for the rest of the family. I didn’t have time to make the planned salad so none was eaten.

Thursday was not much better.  While I enjoyed a dinner party with friends, my husband prepped dinner for the boys.  Salmon burgers. French fries. Mayonnaise. “What about lettuce, maybe some carrots?” “Nah, I asked but they didn’t want any.”

And then tonight, after my malnourished son headed to the second night of his play performance, fortified with convenience foods from the freezer, we stopped by a sushi restaurant for a quick meal before the play. Not a veggie in sight, barring a tablespoon of shredded cabbage adorning the gyoza.

Never mind. I’m sticking to my commitment to document every weeknight meal for a year.  You’ll find this week’s posted on the meal plan page, warts and all.

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