The meal plan as a habit

They say it takes three weeks of concerted effort to cultivate a new habit.  Yesterday marked the end of three weeks of meal planning, or a valiant effort to stick to one.  It was a bumpy road, no doubt, but worth the effort.

Fewer headaches worrying about “what’s for dinner.” We didn’t stick to the plan every night – life just isn’t that predictable – but it was great to have some ideas ready to go if I needed them. Meals were more balanced. If veggies or fruits are missing from the plan, the gaps are apparent.  It’s also possible we shaved a few dollars off the grocery bill.  Fewer impulsive purchases during multiple trips to the store to pick up missing ingredients for ad hoc meals. My husband can just look at the plan tacked to the fridge if he’s curious what’s for dinner.  And believe me, he always wants to know.

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