All is calm on Wednesday night

No one was running out the door tonight.  There was a bit of scurrying around to gather ingredients.  We borrowed a stick of butter from the neighbor.  My husband had to make two trips to the herb garden out back to snag the rosemary (in the dark, savory feels the same).  But we actually ate together at a leisurely pace.  Everyone cleaned their plates. No whining about exotic ingredients.  It was a safe dinner:

Chicken and Sweet Potatos with Shallots

Steamed Green Beans

I just noticed a couple of Real Simple readers offered their enhancements to the recipe.  I clipped the recipe so I missed the online suggestions but they’re worth a look:

  • LOVED this recipe! It was super easy and very yummy. I looked forward to the leftovers the next day. If you have time, roast the sweet potatoes at 400 for about an hour. They taste better than boiled.
  • Really tasty. Loved the mix of flavors, although I did deviate slightly: added goat cheese to the potatoes and didn’t wipe out the pan as directed. Instead, I deglazed it with a splash of white wine to capture the yummy bits from the chicken.

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