Appetite for Twitter

Tracking down the latest locations of Seattle’s street food vendors might be enough to make me serious about Twitter this spring.  Or keeping up with the latest offerings at Delancey, the artisanal pizzeria that tweets its seasonal indulgences daily.

Before I forget, here’s an excerpt from Seattle magazine on top mobile food vendors.  I’ll have to see if they tweet:
2009: The Explosion of Cheap Eats
This year, Seattle’s hottest eatery openings were of the mobile variety: Tasty kimchi quesadillas at Marination Mobile, piles of pulled pork at the now-hibernating Maximus-Minimus, Cuban sandwiches at Paladar Cubano, even pork belly (and braised beef tongue, and tender octopus) tacos at our (now-defunct) favorite street food joint, Eastlake’s Tako Truk. But it wasn’t just nouveau mobile food that hit the spot this year; the original mobile eateries—taco trucks (or more often, taco buses)—also continued to satisfy. Our new favorite: El Camion (Shoreline, 11728 Aurora Ave. N; 206.367.2777), which has been treating north-enders to its fresher-than-most Mexican in the Haller Lake Home Depot parking lot for two years, spawned a SoDo truck this summer (2918 First Ave. S; 206.659.0236). With still-firm veggies, fresh fish tacos, and beef cheeks, tongue and some darned fine carnitas, the food’s worth standing in line for.

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