Sustainability revisited


Toasted farro w/kale & currants

Sustainability is one of those  words that invites discussion. I’m not thinking about environmental policy or continuous business improvement. Or even the source of our seafood. What I’m playing around with these days is how to sustain the commitment to healthy eating day by day while juggling the realities of work and family. We got off to a great start this week. Two days in, I’m thinking I could eat like this for a lifetime. Monday: Grilled tuna steaks and toasted farro with kale and currants.  Tuesday: Lemony shrimp and cannellini beans over quinoa plus roasted broccoli. What’s not to like?


Lemon shrimp w/white beans

Both meals fit my anti-inflammation goals. But is this way of eating sustainable? From a budget perspective, no. And at this point in our lives, it’s a challenge to come up with meal plans that all three men like. It turns out the boys weren’t around right at dinner time so I was really cooking with me and my husband in mind.  The guys did show up eventually and eat, but not too enthusiastically. Not sure if it was the timing or the food … probably a bit of both. Tuna is not “steak” but I was confounded why the shrimp wasn’t a hit. Seems what I’m really striving for here is to “sustain” my energy in putting dinner on the table while meeting the myriad goals of a busy lifestyle, great health,and a reasonable grocery budget, not to mention the idiosyncrasies of the teen diet.  How’s that for a twist on sustainability?

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