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Burgers in a pinch

Published on May 21, 2010 By Trixie

– Posted using MobyPicture.com I’m a Costco skeptic. When people rave about the bargains, all I can think about is the horror of finding a parking space.  And then there’s the phenomena of entering with four items on the shopping list and leaving with an overflowing basket and a few more digits than desired on […]

Lesson learned: Rethink the "kid-friendly" rating

Published on April 12, 2010 By Trixie

I had no idea ground chicken could be so sticky. Could it be the first time EVER I had used it in a recipe? Selective memory could have led to me forgetting what a pain the stuff is to work with. While making chicken burgers Monday night, I fussed about the goo of the ground […]