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Cola corned beef brisket and oh, that cabbage …

Published on March 16, 2010 By Trixie

It didn’t take too much encouragement from readers for me to try the Coca-cola-stoked corned beef dinner in the slow cooker. I couldn’t find a full recipe for this cola concoction on the web, so I adapted this one. With  potatoes, carrots and onions, along with the brisket, can of Coke (real, not diet, not […]

Jamie's roast chicken, adapted

Published on March 8, 2010 By Trixie

I have a small collection of roast chicken recipes.  It seems one would suffice but I’m always on the lookout for a slightly better rendition.  I decided to give Jamie Oliver’s version a spin this weekend: Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary Roast Potatoes. I just may have to give up the rest of the […]

Celebrating with ribs and lemon

Published on March 3, 2010 By Trixie

I was all ready to throw together an “instant” cake for son #1’s 14th birthday.  But then A Homemade Life is still sitting by my stove.  Molly loves to bake so I knew she’d offer a preferable alternative to a box mix.  Sure enough – French-style yogurt cake with lemon. I debated if I had […]

Adventurous Monday with Lamb Shanks

Published on February 8, 2010 By Trixie

Sheila Lukins’s All Around the Word cookbook is one of my faves. Her passion for travel experienced through food has always satisfied my explorer-self. It seems she recreated most of the recipes in the book from memory, deconstructing exotic flavors into detailed stories over and over for her readers. The book was published in 1994, […]