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Whole grain intentions fall flat

Published on March 23, 2011 By Therese

Last fall I came up with the idea of a theme for each weeknight meal to help inspire creativity in meal planning.  Overall, the plan works but some weeks it’s just too much effort to get inspired on Whole Grain Wednesday. I actually soaked a cup of wheat berries with the goal of working them […]

They ate it, they liked it!

Published on November 6, 2010 By Trixie

Chickpeas. Wheatberries. Brown rice pasta. Not exactly kid food. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve sneaked these items into our meal plan and eureka, no complaints! Sometimes I wonder it’s just a matter of planetary alignment that I get fewer grumbles than usual from my sons. Maybe their growing bodies/appetites are finally forcing […]

Pickup sticks with pork and pineapple

Published on June 9, 2010 By Trixie

Just the name of this recipe sounds delicious: Pork and Pineapple Pickup Sticks with Savory Mint Mayonnaise.  Shelia Lukins scored with this one from a new favorite addition to my cookbook shelf: Ten: All the Foods We Love. It’s the last book produced by the late Sheila Lukins and I think it’s her best. All […]

Oh no, not again … meatloaf with a surprise inside

Published on June 6, 2010 By Trixie

Meatloaf is one of those dishes that fails to inspire me.  It ends up on our meal rotation because it’s a reliable kid favorite … until the day I decided to change things up a bit. I figure meatloaf just begs for excitement. Anything to take it from blue-plate-special status to the latest inspiration of […]

Custard-filled cornbread – dinner or dessert?

Published on May 30, 2010 By Trixie

When I first read the recipe for custard-filled cornbread in Molly Wizenberg’s book, A Homemade Life, I wondered why it lacked a warning label.  Two cups of whole milk, one cup of heavy cream, corn meal, flour, sugar. The fat warning zoomed straight to red on this one. But oh, is it worth it. Molly […]

What's with the Coke-in-a-crockpot search?

Published on May 13, 2010 By Trixie

It’s amazing how many people want to pour Coca-cola into their slow cookers. At least that’s my takeaway from the statistics on You Ate That??? Keyword searches for “cola,” “slow cooker” and “corned beef” — or any combination thereof — appear to be one of the most common paths for random visitors to find this […]

Friday night flame-out

Published on May 10, 2010 By Trixie

A pattern has been brewing for a while in the schema of meal-planning: Despite the best intentions I lack interest in cooking on most Friday nights. We rarely go out on Fridays, preferring to end a busy workweek with a relaxing evening at home.  But that tempo is reflected in the kitchen as well. The […]

Happy cow, cranky boys

Published on April 30, 2010 By Trixie

This week’s meals were a mash-up of simplicity and duplicity with mixed results, to no surprise. We started out easy with salmon burgers on Monday.  No problem there.  By Tuesday fish sauce worked its way into the ingredient list.  It was noticed. Kale showed up on Wednesday and was largely ignored by the boys. Then, […]

Shortcuts aren't so bad after all

Published on April 9, 2010 By Trixie

As a child I noticed my mother and grandmother relied on Campbell’s condensed soups as the foundation for many a meal. Boxed mixes were the next best thing. Instant potatoes, Hamburger Helper, and more — these were exciting options for homemakers looking to cut their time at the stove. When starting this blog I decided […]

Relapse to not-so-savory habits

Published on March 18, 2010 By Trixie

I realized this evening about 6:20 p.m. that noting merely “pork chops” on the meal plan is an invitation to relapse to not-so-savory habits. At that point I had only an image of dinner: pork chops, that package of baby yams gifted the night before, frozen green beans and oh, the beleaguered leftover rutabagas. Shake […]