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Oh no, not again … meatloaf with a surprise inside

Published on June 6, 2010 By Trixie

Meatloaf is one of those dishes that fails to inspire me.  It ends up on our meal rotation because it’s a reliable kid favorite … until the day I decided to change things up a bit. I figure meatloaf just begs for excitement. Anything to take it from blue-plate-special status to the latest inspiration of […]

Turkey burgers worth repeating

Published on May 16, 2010 By Trixie

Ground turkey is slowing gaining respect in my household. Instead of a guaranteed groan from the guys — all three of them — they’ve become more open-minded when they hear turkey burgers are on the menu.  It took some digging, but I’ve stashed away a few recipes with enough flare to make budget-friendly and bland […]

Shortcuts save dinner plans

Published on March 11, 2010 By Trixie

Work demands kept me out of the kitchen this week — not such a bad thing, actually 😉 It was time to rely on shortcuts — fast recipes and favorite quasi-convenience foods. Monday started out with a traditional long-cooking pot roast made quick in the pressure cooker. Next came one of my faves, a kale, […]

Easing into the weekend

Published on February 6, 2010 By Trixie

As the week came to a close, our dinner plans loosened up considerably.  Thursday night was a hodge-podge. Son #1 stayed home with a chicken bake while son #2 delighted in a Big Mac meal at the McDonald’s drive-thru (two more votes to put me in the Bad Food Mom Hall of Fame). My excuse:  […]

Whatz4dinner – TJ-inspired pasta

Published on January 14, 2010 By Trixie

Quickie dinner of: Aidell’s smoked chicken sausage with roasted garlic and gruyere cheese Trader Joe’s organic vodka sauce on Farfalle pasta TJ’s spring mix salad with red bell pepper, cucumbers Lemon Vinaigrette Done!