A teen tofu victory

DishesMenLike photo - Fried tofu and pepper curry with toasted cashews

Deborah Madison's recipe scores a tofu victory at last

“WHYYY … tofu?” Son #1 was carefully dodging the white cubes to pluck red pepper strips from the milky coconut curry sauce. “It’s just mush; it’s not real food.”

“That’s what you’re going to be eating in the future, get used to it,” my husband retorted.  Tough love at dinner. It was the usual dialogue I braced myself for when tofu was on the menu.

It got better.  We barely sat down to a dinner of fried tofu and pepper curry with cashews when Son #2 jumped up to add more tofu on his previously skimpy portion. We were shocked. Son #1 was dismayed. “You’re just doing that to make me look bad!”

“No, really I like it,” Son #2 was serious as he cleaned his plate.  Another break-through on our twisted flexitarian path. (“That’s not a word,” Son #2 said.  “Yes it is!” I replied with a ready explanation of how we’re part-time vegetarians. He groaned.)

This sudden turnaround on soybean curd was a cause for celebration. I probed to understand the turnaround. “I don”t know why I like it, I just do,” Son #2 said.  Good enough.  I give credit to the rich coconut curry sauce and toasted cashews on top.  And to one of my favorite cookbook authors, Deborah Madison. The side of stir-fried bok choy was super tasty, probably because of a small bit of butter added at the end. (Not exactly vegan but oh-so-good.)


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