A teen’s observations of a plant-based diet

As I persist with our mighty mission to eat lower on the food chain, my sons are still not too eager to get into the game. The teen commentary goes something like this:

 “You know, this would be better if it had chicken in it.”  Son #1 was peering at a serving of Thursday night’s meal of cauliflower and carrot curry, prepped quick in the pressure cooker, and served with fried tofu strips and basmati rice. I pondered: Doesn’t chicken taste like everything? I figured the tofu could substitute. Wrong.

“Yes, I tried it.  It tastes like grass.  Exactly, precisely like grass.” Son #1 again, offering his opinion of tonight’s raw Tuscan kale salad. Freshly sliced lacinato kale, tossed with pecorino cheese and fresh bread crumbs – simple and delicious … to the adults, that is.

I don’t give up easily. I figure they’ll either come around or start cooking. Now that’s the right idea!

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