Lip-smacking surprise on Meatless Monday

Thai chickpeas with basmati rice

Thai chickpeas with basmati rice - a hit on Meatless Monday

Unbelievable. There we sat on Meatless Monday, the boys’ most dreaded meal plan theme of the week, and Son #1 was dipping his finger into his bowl of Thai chickpeas to scrape up the remnants of the sauce. “So you liked it!” I exclaimed in wonder. “I bet it was the sweet potatoes.” Not that you could actually see the them. The chunks of yam broke down as soon as I lifted the top from the pressure cooker and gave the chickpeas a good stir while adding fresh cilantro and Thai basil. The result was an orange velvety smooth sauce coating the chickpeas that had been cooked at high pressure in coconut milk.

“Sweet potatoes are good,” he said, studying the bowl for any missing licks. Ok, yams, I am. I’ll start slipping those guys into our meal plans more often.

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