Market orphans make a meal

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Chiogga beets and other farmer's market remnants serve well at the end of the season

Last week was one of those weeks when Friday couldn’t come soon enough.  My husband was away on business and work was intense.  Little motivation to cook. I was looking for inspiration.

Case in point: Evening number two. It was 6:30 pm — picking up Son #1 after a long business meeting. Gone was any hope of making the planned chicken with carrots and olives at this late hour.  Time to default to a frozen pizza for the guys. “Frozen pizza is great, Mom!  Perfect! ” Son #1 was serious. “I’ve been trying to tell you that.  We don’t care about quinoa with red grapes or whatever, frozen pizza is just fine.”

He’s not yet recovered from the whole wheat pasta with sausage and red grapes of a few weeks ago (and here I thought the sausage was a major concession). I popped said pizza into the oven and set about to find some vegetable matter to balance out the boys’ dinner.

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Happy Farmers from the 5 Acre CSA

That’s when I realized a salad of “market orphans” would be dinner for me.  I recovered baby fennel long forgotten in the produce drawer. Beets stockpiled from my CSA order for three weeks and finally roasted a few days earlier for whatever reason might come along. The timing couldn’t have been better to try the chioggia beets presented proudly in my CSA share on the last pick-up of the season.  Sure, yet more beets but these ones are darn pretty with their candy cane stripes inside.

The boys happily munched on pizza and carrots while I relished the remnants of my weekly market vegetable share.  The folks at Five Acre say they’ll give their soil a rest for a few months this summer.  As for me, I’ll be searching far and wide to find vegetables as enticing as those picked lovingly by the fair maidens at Five Acre Farm.


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