Savory start to the week

Apple cheddar cornbread

Apple cheddar cornbread - a recipe from Momofuku Milkbar

The week got off to a fabulous start on Sunday with my husband at the stove and me nowhere in sight. Though my husband took over the cooking on Sundays a few months ago, he has been often apologetic about the results (unnecessarily so … I’m grateful for the reprieve and he’s a decent cook in any case).  But last night’s meal was delicious:

Baked true cod with a bacon-onion-dill pickle crust was the main attraction. To go with, a recipe from the Momofuku Milkbar in New York for apple cheddar cornbread.  Then a simple braised kale recipe from PCC that was extra special with soy and mirin blended in. All the recipes are listed over on the Guys Cook Sundays page. Confession: Getting the guys into the kitchen and me out of it has been my sneaky motive all along 🙂

So all that good karma carried over to Meatless Monday, a theme that is usually greeted with some level of skepticism and even disdain.  Tonight, however, plates were cleaned so fast we barely had time for family dinner talk.  Lorna Sass’ Mediterranean vegetable couscous was a winner all around.  Especially with me.  Despite 20 minutes of chopping, the pressure cooker was only fired up for about five minutes. Now that’s the way to start the week off right!

Mediterranean vegetable couscous

Zucchini, fennel, mushrooms, red bell peppers, bit of goat cheese make Mediterranean vegetable couscous a winner


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