Scandalous greens trump fish

Greens 2 ways DishesMenLike photo

Greens two ways and cornbread topped with a tomato bulgur sauce

“I’d rather eat this than fish.” Son #2 was digging into his second serving of braised greens during a Sunday dinner that was atypical, even for me.

Braised chard with chorizo + braised kale with chick peas + tomato vegetable bulgur sauce + cornbread. All made possible by a husband willing to do all the chopping in advance (fulfilling my  TV chef fantasy) and the tomato sauce stashed away in the freezer after this summer’s tomato rush. Prepping the greens separately wasn’t in the original plan — chard and kale can happily co-exist in any braised greens recipe — but the chorizo created controversy.  “There’s nothing healthy about chorizo,” my husband said, looking askance at the label.  True, there in tiny print was mention of pork snouts or some other odd part or two. I knew I was breaking every rule in the A-I (anti-inflammatory) eating plan to include the scandalous Mexican chorizo but I knew the recipe was a good one. Besides, my nutritional profile was doomed from an afternoon dusted with sugar and flour, baking cookies with the boys.  Let’s just finish the day with a mysterious organ meat and start over tomorrow, I figured.

Good plan. Both greens dishes got a thumbs-up, a far more enthusiastic response than our intentionally healthy plates, such as roasted salmon and lentils. A disruption here and there  — whether it’s sugar or organ meat — seems to keep family appetites in check.

salmon & lentils DishesMenLike photo

Pan-roasted salmon & Lentils



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