Tofu takes a turn on the rim

Parked tofu

A not-so-subtle maneuver to avoid the dreaded tofu

Sneaking tofu into Whole Grain Wednesday’s warm quinoa salad with shrimp and asparagus didn’t work out so well.

“Mom, here’s the thing.  It has no taste.” Son #1 was carefully parking the fried tofu squares along the rim of his plate.

“Don’t listen to him. It’s delicious!” declared my husband, ever the supportive voice at the dinner table.

As for me, I was ambivalent. I found the recipe on my Whole Foods iphone app while standing at Fred Meyer. I was committed to quinoa for this week’s whole grain meal and asparagus was in the cart. The recipe called for only a half pound of shrimp, but suggested tofu for additional protein. I figured it couldn’t hurt. The recipe seemed strange enough already  — sun-dried tomatoes, sugar snap peas (my substitute for peas), onions, garlic and cashews.  As one review noted, the dish seemed “schizophrenic — somewhere in an untasty land between Italian and Chinese.”

Warm quinoa "salad"

Warm quinoa "salad" with asparagus and shrimp

For adult tastes, it wasn’t half bad. “Kind of hippie-like,” my husband noted. To him, that’s a good thing. To the boys, not so much.

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