Sunday night dinner – "awesome meat, Mom"

Always looking for something different with pork chops, I clipped this recipe from the New York Times magazine back in September. It resurfaced in a pile of clippings this week so it was about time to try it out.

The M-man pitched in chopping those veggies (leftover butternut squash, already peeled in the fridge, inspired the idea to add a couple of other root veggies and crank the oven to 425). Fresh brussel sprouts right off the stalk. The results won a thumbs up from Erik: “This is awesome meat, Mom.”

NY Times pork chops

Restaurant-style Pork Chops (with grilled apples, topped with candied ginger and glazed pecans)

Roasted butternut squash, yams and parsnips

Steamed brussels sprouts


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