Meal Plans

Maybe we should call this page “Meal Report.” Here you’ll see what we actually ate, which is sometimes quite different from what was actually planned. Hey, life happens!

Week 75  (26 March ’12)

Monday:  Roast salmon; Mediterranean greens (recipe on the Trader Joe’s package of greens); whole grain pilaf

Tuesday: Deluxe black bean burgers with Sichuan sauce; steamed corn

Wednesday:  Steak au poivre; baked potatoes; steamed green beans

Thermal Thursday:  Cauliflower & carrot curry (in the pressure cooker); basmati rice

Fun Friday —  Pizza; spinach strawberry feta salad with toasted almonds

More meals we liked  (March ’12)

Meatless Monday:  Thai red curry with tempeh and kabocha squash; cucumber salad; basmati rice

Tasty Tuesday: Turkey meatloaf with feta and sun-dried tomatoes; green beans; quinoa & red rice blend

Whole Grain Wednesday:  Tuna & white bean pasta (whole wheat penne) with gremolata bread crumbs

Thermal Thursday:  Slow-cooker chicken tikki masala

Fun Friday —  Pizza!

Week 74 (27 February ’12)

Monday  –Penne with tomato, basil, lemon; broccoli raabe with garlic and red pepper

Tuesday — Beef stroganoff; egg noodles; green salad

Wednesday — Vegetarian chili (leftover from Sunday); romaine salad

Thursday — Fried tofu and pepper curry; basmati rice; stirfried bok choy

Friday —  Greek-style burgers with feta aioli; tater tots; salad

Week 73 (20 February ’12)

Monday  –Roasted kale and winter squash; chicken-apple sausages; green salad

Tuesday — Paprika-spiced pork chops; double broccoli quinoa

Wednesday — Teriyaki-glazed and broiled black cod; coconut vegetable curry (leftover from Sunday); basmati rice; Thai cucumber salad

Thursday — Sticky coconut chicken; steamed asparagus; leftover broccoli quinoa

Friday — Pizza and salad

19 February ’12 – Meals we liked over the past month:

Week 72 (16 January ’12) – the week of snow

Monday  — Sheila Lukins’ Market Street meatloaf (Sunday dinner leftovers); mashed potatoes; raw kale and lemon salad

Snowfall Tuesday — Tuscan cod (adapted from a catfish recipe); green beans; corn muffins

Snowed-in Wednesday — Pizza and caesar salad

Snowed-in Thursday — Rachael Ray’s ground turkey paprikash with pasta; steamed broccoil

Slippery Friday — A quick stew of kale, cannellini beans, chicken sausage and pasta

Week 71 (9 January ’12)

Monday  — Roasted kale and acorn squash; natural uncured beef hot dogs

Tuesday — Pasta with tempeh bolognese; roast kale and brussels sprouts

Wednesday — Out (multi-grain vegetable lasagna from Trader Joe’s)

Thursday — Cooked chard and spinach salad with lemon-caper vinaigrette; chicken sausages; brown & wild rice

Friday — Grapefruit, avocado and mint salad with seared scallops; garlic broccoli; sprouted rice and quinoa

Week 70 (14 November ’11)

Monday  — Beef chili with red sauce; cheese quesadillas

Tuesday — Smoked chicken sausage with boiled cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes.

Wednesday — Pasta with marinara sauce and Italian chicken sausage; spaghetti squash

Thursday — Almond butter chicken; rutabaga and pear puree; roasted brussels sprouts.

Friday — Out

Week 69 (7 November ’11)

Monday  — Sauteed tempeh over kale salad with red peppers, carrots, golden raisins and sesame ginger vinaigrette (burgers and Caesar salad for the boys)

Tuesday — Roast herbed chicken; tarragon potatoes and cabbage; bulgur pilaf with red peppers and pine nuts

Wednesday — leftovers for the guys  (out for the evening)

Thursday — Out for Greek food

Friday — Broiled black cod with miso glaze;  steamed asparagus; tarragon potatoes and cabbage

Week 68 (31 October ’11)

Monday  — Deborah Madison’s carrot, tofu, seaweed stirfry; brown rice; steamed sugar snap peas

Tuesday — Miso-marinaded roast salmon; roast cauliflower and radicchio salad; roasted yams

Wednesday — Ellie Krieger’s beef stroganoff (with grass-fed ground beef) ; pappardelle noodles; raw spinach; steamed green beans

Thursday — Coconut butternut squash soup topped with kale ( + hot dogs for the guys)

Friday — Kids Cook: Pasta with chicken sausage, chard and white beansButternut squash salad with hazelnuts and blue cheese;

Week 67 (23 October ’11)

Monday  — Tomato-vegetable-bulgur sauce over sauteed kale and beet greens (cheese steak subs and caesar salad for the boys)

Tuesday — ‘market orphan salad’ of mixed greens, fennel, cucumber, carrots, tomato with chioggia beets and diced roast turkey; pizza and veggies for the boys

Wednesday — Chicken salsa; rice; Trader Joe’s Cuban black beans; pineapple chunks

Thursday — Trader Joe’s: beef stroganoff for the boys; kale and edamame bistro salad

Friday — a nap! Late night snack of carrot ginger cashew soup, rice crackers and goat cheese

Week 66 (16 October ’11)

Sunday —  Stuffed peppers with quinoa and chickpeas

Monday  —  Roast broccoli with shrimp; arugula salad with pear, bleu cheese and walnuts

Tuesday — Lentil mushroom soup; spaghetti squash

Wednesday — Emeril Lagasse Kung Pao Chicken; rice; napa cabbage stirfry

Thursday — Pinto bean yam chili with chipotle; green salad

Friday — Spicy kale and sausage soup with carrots, potatoes and red pepper

Week 65 (9 October ’11)

Sunday — Guys Cook: Dungeness crab; pasta carbonara; green salad with mustard vinaigrette

Monday  —  Sockeye salmon with Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love; squash colombo; coconut rice; sauteed swiss chard & beet greens

Tuesday — Lamb bulgur burgers; feta spread; cole slaw

Wednesday — Out (guys cook pasta with pesto)

Thursday — Deli rotisserie chicken; green salad

Friday — Tomato sausage eggplant soup

Week 64 (2 October ’11)

Sunday — Guys Cook: Country-style BBQ pork ribs; steamed green beans; Sam Stern’s “chic champ” (mashed potatoes)

Monday  —  Broiled sole with shitake brown rice pilaf; sauteed spinach; sliced tomatoes

Tuesday — Lorna Sass’ hearty tomato-vegetable sauce over Trader Joe’s harvest grains; walnut kidney bean salad; mixed green salad

Wednesday — Whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage and red grapes; sauteed zucchini

Thursday — Thai green curry with chicken, eggplant and peas; brown rice; pineapple chunks

Friday — Open Nature multi-grain roasted vegetable pizza; mixed green salad; mustard vinaigrette

Week 63 (26 September ’11) – returning from summer-hiatus with a commitment to anti-inflammatory eating 

Sunday — Tortillitas with Shrimp; mixed green salad

Monday  — Gazpacho with basil & lemon; rockfish [Paula Deen’s Can’t Miss red snapper] with peppers & onions; broccoli with Mural of Flavor; egg noodles

Tuesday — Roast chicken; Lorna Sass’ carrot tsimmes*; Moosewood’s kasha with mushrooms

Wednesday — Whole wheat fettuccine with sauce of slow-roasted tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and pine nuts; chard and beet greens sauteed with garlic.

Thursday — Amy’s spinach feta chicken sausages; mixed green salad

Friday — Lorna Sass’ Dilled cabbage soup with rice; Bittman’s stuffed tomato with tofu and spinach

Week 62 (5 June ’11) –

Week 1 of Anti-inflammatory diet

Sunday — Grilled vegetable antipasto; grilled Copper River salmon with Mural of Flavor spice blend and lemon; brown rice; apple sauce

Monday  –Silken tofu in spicy red coconut sauce; brown rice; green beans; raw spinach

Tuesday — Store rotisserie chicken; steamed asparagus; green salad with balsamic vinaigrette; brown rice

Wednesday — Blackened tilapia (with Northwoods spice blend); steamed carrots with chives; green salad; sprouted corn tortillas

Thursday — Salmon salad; green salad with peppers and cauliflower; carrots with chives; brown rice cake; blueberries

Friday – Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with shrimp; brown rice; cherry tomatoes; red cabbage slaw; bing cherries with unsweetened chocolate

Saturday — Magenta millet pilaf with beets; swiss chard, beet greens and spinach sauteed with garlic, crushed red pepper and garlic; steamed cauliflower; edamame beans

Week 61 (29 May ’11)

Meatless (not) Monday  — Holiday – Hot dogs; corn on the cob

Tasty Tuesday — Apricot and Olive chicken (in slow cooker); Trader Joe’s mixed couscous; green salad with sesame ginger dressing

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday — Mark Bittman’s stir-fried asparagus with shrimp and shallots; basmati rice

Thermal (not) Thursday — Grilled chicken sausages; South American Quinoa Salad

Fun Friday – Pizza

Week 60 (22 May ’11)

Meatless Monday  — Mustard glazed salmon; garlic broccoli; quinoa pilaf

Tasty Tuesday — Pasta with sausage, leeks and lettuce

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday — Leftovers (Mom’s out)

Thermal (not) Thursday — Chinese-style ribs; napa cabbage slaw

Fun Friday – Rib-eye steaks; sauteed mushrooms; baked potatoes, Greek salad

Week 59 (16 May ’11)

Meatless (not) Monday  —  Prepared ravioli with chicken and mozzarella; chopped salad with romaine, chickpeas, hard salami, peppers.

Tasty Tuesday — Leftovers from Sunday’s chicken dinner

Whole Grain Wednesday — Carrot and cauliflower curry with cilantro and toasted cashews; brown rice

Thermal (not) Thursday — Storebought yakisoba noodles stirfried with beef and veggies (not so good)

Fun Friday – Fusilli pasta with spicy chicken sausage, tomatoes and ricotta; caesar salad

Week 58 (9 May ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Andrew Engle’s Mac n Cheese; carrots

Tasty Tuesday — Lamb & veggie burgers with feta spread; coleslaw

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday —  (out … left the guys with leftovers)

Thermal (not) Thursday — Pizza as we all scattered to various events. (Planned pressure cooker black beans with chorizo over rice, but delayed as a great Saturday lunch.)

Fun Friday – out for sushi!

Week 57 (2 May ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Spinach stirfry with baked tofu, seasoned tempeh, lime & basil (a Trader Joe’s demo recipe); basmati rice

Tasty Tuesday — Brazilian black bean and ham soup; bread sticks

Whole Grain Wednesday —  Ginger lime cod in a bowl with broccoli, tomato, whole wheat angel hair

Thermal Thursday– Shredded chicken tacos with lime cilantro cream

Fun Friday — Pizza night

Week 56 (25 April ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Linguine with asparagus and pinenuts

Tasty Tuesday — Ham w/honey mustard glaze; roasted fingerling potato “coins;” arugula salad; pineapple chunks

Whole Grain Wednesday —  Grilled chicken sausage; quinoa with peas & herbs with sour cream dressing; green salad

Thermal Thursday–  “5-spice” pork roast in pressure cooker; leeks vinaigrette; basmati rice

Fun Friday — Out with Son #1; not sure what landed on plates with the other guys

Week 55 (18 April ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Tilapia with peppers & olives; egg noodles

Tasty Tuesday — Pad thai with shrimp

Whole Grain Wednesday —  Beef bok choy stirfry with brown rice

Thermal (not) Thursday–  Ravioli with chicken and mozzarella (prepared); leftover white beans with sausage; green salad

Fun Friday — Pizza and movie night (“Black Swan” – with shivers)

Week 54 (11 April ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Rachael Ray’s Tuna and white bean pasta with gremolata bread crumbs

Tasty Tuesday — Pork fried rice; pineapple slices

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday —  Pizza and caesar salad (Mom’s away)

Thermal (not) Thursday–  Food and Wine’s Southwestern tortilla salad with chicken

Fun Friday — Mediterranean vegetable couscous

Week 53 (4 April ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Autumn minestrone; crackers with goat cheese and garlic onion jam

Tasty Tuesday — Pork currant meatballs; swiss chard; sweet potato fries

Whole Grain Wednesday —  Warm quinoa and shrimp salad

Thermal (not) Thursday– Spaghetti with meat sauce

Fun Friday — Seared scallops on avocado puree with parsley salad; roasted cauliflower and radicchio salad (Movie: “The Queen”)

Week 52 (28 March ’11)

Meatless (not) Monday  —  Chicken Cacciatore (from the freezer)

Tasty Tuesday — Thai green curry chicken with basmati rice; edamame beans

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday —  Lasagna from the freezer

Thermal Thursday– Turkey meatloaf with feta and sun-dried tomatoes; broccoli-potato puree; arugula

Fun Friday — Screaming Eagle cheese steak subs; caesar salad (Movie night: “Red”)

Week 51 (21 March ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Mediterranean vegetable couscous (pressure cooker)

Tasty Tuesday — Kathy Casey’s lentil sausage soup (from the freezer)

Whole Grain (?) Wednesday —  Pork loin with mustard seed crust; mashed yams; romaine salad with avocado, pecans, carrots and Gorgonzola

Thermal (not) Thursday– Cheese-spinach-ham quesadillas; tomato soup

Fun Friday — Steamed Dungeness crabs; caesar salad; french bread

Week 50 (14 March ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Thai chickpeas; basmati rice; asparagus with sesame vinaigrette

Tasty Tuesday — Bacon mac ‘n’ cheese (readymade); green salad with soy ginger dressing

Whole Grain Wednesday —  Chicken enchiladas; bulgur salad with sauteed zucchini and corn

Thursday– St Patrick’s Day Corned Beef dinner with potatoes, cabbage, turnip and carrots

Friday — Pizza night

Week 49 (7 March ’11)

Meatless Monday  —  Pan-roasted cod and swordfish; pineapple black bean salsa; mixed grain salad with herbs; avocado and red bell pepper garnish

Tasty Tuesday — Leftover pork stroganoff; baked penne with fontina

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday —  Lasagna from the freezer while Mom’s away

Thursday– Risotto with chicken sausage, white beans, tomatoes

Friday — Shrimp-stuffed sole; sauteed spinach

Week 48 (28 February ’11)

Meatless Monday  — Shrimp & bread skewers with romaine salad; citrusy chickpeas

Tasty Tuesday — Baked beans and turkey hot dogs (a new low)

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday —  Beef goulash with potatoes, carrots, green beans (in the pressure cooker)

Thursday– Take-out pizza and banana cream pie (???)

Friday — Chicken cacciatore with pasta (in the pressure cooker)

Week 47 (14 February ’11)

Pre-vacation week means themes are a lost cause …

Meatless (not) Monday  — Leftover pasta with ham and peas

Tasty Tuesday — Roasted brussel sprouts and yellow peppers; buttermilk mashed potatoes with garlic; baked ham

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday — Pizza; sauteed zucchini

Thursday and Friday — vacation

Week 46 (7 February ’11)

Meatless Monday  — Ravioli with apples and walnuts; braised broccoli rabe

Tasty Tuesday — Leftovers from Sunday’s pork roast dinner (Mom’s away)

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday — Sloppy joes; french fries (Mom’s away)

Thermal Thursday — Chicken with yogurt & beer; egg noodles; braised kale

Fun Friday — Flat iron steak; salad; french fries (Mom’s out)

Week 45 (31 January ’11)

Meatless Monday (not) — Zatarain’s French Market rice with chicken; carrots (guys cook while Mom’s away)

Tasty Tuesday — Spaghetti with meatballs (ditto)

Whole Grain Wednesday — Chicken posole; whole wheat quesadillas with cheese and broccoli

Thermal Thursday — Deborah Madison’s recipe for sauteed vegetables over brown rice (in pressure cooker); smoked salmon garnish

Fun Friday — Pizza & chopped salad (Movie night – “Cairo Time”)

Week 44 (24 January ’11)

Meatless Monday — Shrimp potpie with fennel; roasted asparagus with orange zest

Tasty Tuesday — Emeril Lagasse’s shepherd’s pie (Son #2 enjoyed this one with gusto the last time around)

Whole Grain Wednesday — “Jig-inducing” falafel burgers with tahini sauce; oven-roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes

Thermal (not) Thursday — Mac n Cheese  (the pressure cooker takes a holiday while Mom is out)

Fun Friday — Strip steaks; baked potatoes; sauteed mushrooms; caesar salad

Week 43 (17 January ’11)

Meatless Monday : Thai-style Red Curry Tempeh with bok choy, red pepper, carrots; basmati rice; pineapple

Tasty Tuesday: Giada De Laurentiis’ Turkey meatloaf with feta and sun-dried tomatoes; brussels sprouts; mashed potatoes

Whole Grain Wednesday: Quinoa with grilled zucchini, garbanzo beans and cumin; BBQ pulled pork; applesauce

Thermal Thursday: Thyme, garlic and lemon-broiled catfish with bread crumbs; lentils with sweet potatoes

Fun Friday: Pizza night (Mom’s away)

Week 42 (10 January ’11)

Meatless Monday: Salmon with lemon-cilantro vinaigrette; braised bok choy; spinach salad with pear and gorgonzola

Tasty Tuesday:  Chorizo & potato tacos with black bean salsa

Whole Grain (not) Wednesday: Spicy pork and apricot stew  

Thermal Thursday: Deviled chicken thighs; wheat berries with carrots and currants

Fun Friday:  Dinner out

Week 41 (3 January ’11)

Meatless Monday: Cauliflower and carrot curry topped with cilantro and cashews; grilled teriyaki tofu; basmati rice

Tasty Tuesday: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches; coleslaw; sweet potato fries

Whole Grain Wednesday: Black-eye pea gumbo; sliced ham; johnny cakes; spinach, pear & avocado salad

Thermal (not) Thursday: Chicken with spinach & mushrooms; side of black-eye pea gumbo

Fun Friday:  Off to a cocktail party with olive & artichoke tapenade

[Holiday hiatus — New Year’s escape to San Juan Islands]

Christmas menus

Christmas Eve cocktails: Bagna Cauda with Crudites

Brunch: Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Torta Rustica; oven hash browns; fresh pineapple

Dinner: Spice-crusted standing rib-eye roast with horseradish cream; mashed potatoes; green beans* with pecan brown butter; fennel, apple and celery salad with watercress

[*I substituted green beans for the broccolini in the recipe]

Week 40 (20 December ’10)

Meatless Monday: Tuscan catfish; fresh spinach; steamed carrots

Tasty Tuesday: Spicy pork and apricot stew; Trader Joe’s harvest grains couscous

Whole Grain Wednesday: Whole grain penne with sausage and broccoli rabe

Thermal Thursday: Risotto with ham and peas; romaine, arugula and pomegranate salad

Fun Friday:  Christmas Eve cocktails with bagna cauda and crudites; goat brie and crackers; pumpkin pie

Week 39 (13 December ’10)

Meatless Monday: Sole roll-ups with Parmesan “Caesar” glaze; fresh spinach; spaghetti squash with sun-dried tomato pesto

Tasty Tuesday: Sicilian stuffed pork tenderloin; roasted yams; arugula salad with fennel and pomegranate seeds

Wednesday: Out  (Zatarain’s Dirty Rice and steamed carrots for the guys)

Thermal Thursday (not): Chicken in Thai Green Curry sauce; basmati rice

Fun Friday:  Dinner with friends

Week 38 (6 December ’10)

Meatless Monday: Salmon burgers; sweet potato fries; arugula salad

Tasty Tuesday: Brazilian black bean and ham soup

Wednesday: Out (hot dogs and beans for the guys – yowza!)

Thermal Thursday: Baked whole grain penne with eggplant sauce prepped in pressure cooker

Fun Friday:  Steamed Dungeness crabs; spinach salad; french bread

Week 37 (29 November ’10)

Meatless Monday: Shrimp and black bean quesadillas

Tasty Tuesday: Turkey chowder with wild rice, pancetta and crimini mushrooms

Whole Grain Wednesday: Chowder Again!

Thursday: Pizza and salad

Fun Friday:  Pappardelle with broccoli, pancetta, ham and pinenuts

Week 36 (22 November ’10)

Meatless Monday: Fettuccine with marinara sauce and Trader Joe’s seafood blend

Tasty Tuesday: Pork chops with maple syrup sweet potatoes; steamed brussels sprouts

Whole Grain Wednesday: Pizza night; green salad

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner

Fun Friday:  Scampi fra diavolo; orzo; Mediterranean salad with pomegranate and prosciutto

Week 35 (15 November ’10)

Meatless Monday: Roasted cauliflower with yogurt and mint; pan-grilled salmon

Tasty Tuesday: Red curry chicken with eggplant and basil; rice

Whole Grain Wednesday:  Quinoa beef picadillo

Thermal Thursday:  Kale and sausage soup (pressure cooker)

Fun Friday:  Pan-grilled lamb chops with red potatoes; brussels sprouts

Week 34 (8 November ’10)

Meatless Monday: Broccoli, red pepper, mushroom stirfy with cashews; rice

Tasty Tuesday: Spicy pork and apricot stew (leftover from Sunday); couscous (before dashing to school concert)

Whole Grain (not!) Wednesday: (Boxed) Chicken Enchiladas (grumble … Mom off to business dinner)

Thermal (not!) Thursday: Penne with marinara and ground beef (dad cooks; mom off to business event)

Fun Friday:  Risotto with butternut squash and sausage (pressure cooker); green salad with blue cheese dressing

Week 33 (1 November ’10)

Meatless Monday: Tuscan snapper; sauteed spinach; cornbread

Tasty Tuesday: Beef & bok choy stirfry; rice

Whole Grain (not!) Wednesday: Chanterelle Prosciutto pizza from Pagliacchi; caesar salad

Thermal (not!) Thursday:  Cajun chicken with swiss chard and black-eyed peas; steamed carrots

Fun Friday:  Penn Cove mussels in lemon cream; green salad with balsamic vinaigrette; multigrain baguette – movie night (“Cherry Blossoms”)

Week 32 (25 October ’10)

Meatless Monday: Out of town (I suspect the family ate meat!)

Tasty Tuesday: Frozen lasagna (off to a school concert, no time to cook)

Whole Grain Wednesday: Chicken cutlets with chickpea and pesto salad; brown rice linguine

Thermal Thursday:  Deli rotisserie chicken; wheatberry salad (quicker with the pressure cooker!)

Fun Friday:  Pork tenderloin medallions in Dijon cream sauce; fresh spinach; more wheatberry salad – movie night (“Ondine”)

Week 31 (18 October ’10)

Meatless (not!) Monday: Asian pork shoulder with bok choy (slow cooker); rice

Tasty Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie; brussels sprouts

Whole Grain (not!) Wednesday: Teriyaki-broiled tilapia; Spaghetti squash with snow peas and peanut sauce

Thermal (not!) Thursday:  Caramelized onion and gouda chicken burgers; french fries; broccoli slaw with honey mustard dressing

Fun (not as much) Friday:  Autumn herbed chicken with fennel and winter squash; fresh brussels sprouts; egg noodles – movie night (“Outsourced”)

Week 30 (11 October ’10)

Meatless Monday: Gnocchi with roasted cauliflower; celeriac salad with apples and walnuts

Tasty Tuesday: Zatarain’s Dirty Rice with ground beef; baked cabbage with wine and thyme

Whole Grain Wednesday: (out for Business dinner; guys sigh with relief over baked lasagna)

Thermal Thursday:  (out for dinner with friends; guys make do with deli chicken and salad)

Fun Friday:  Pizza and movie night (“Mary & Max”)

Week 29 (4 October ’10)

Meatless Monday: Thai Broccoli Tofu Stirfry; rice 

Tasty Tuesday: Meatballs and Swiss Chard; sweet potato fries

Whole Grain Wednesday: Kasha with mushrooms; chicken sausages; arugula salad with tomato and pine nuts

Thermal Thursday:  Risotto with ham, peas and gruyere (pressure cooker)

Fun Friday:  Ravioli for the guys; bunco night (took Deborah Madison’s spiced carrot salad)

Week 28 (27 September ’10)

Meatless Monday: Chana dal; swiss chard; rice 

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken with carrots and olives; baked potatoes; salad

Whole Grain Wednesday: (out for school meeting)

Thermal Thursday:  Green bean and potato salad (pressure cooker); chicken sausages

Fun Friday: Family pizza & movie night (“City Island”)

Week 27 (20 September ’10)

Meatless Monday: Tuna and white bean pasta with gremolata bread crumbs; romaine salad w/sliced pears, bleu cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Tasty Tuesday: Kobe beef burgers; french fries; caesar salad

Whole Grain Wednesday: Many vegetable bulghur pilaf; Aidell’s chicken sausages with artichoke and garlic

Thermal Thursday:  Pork chops with apples and sweet potatoes (pressure cooker); steamed cauliflower

Fun Friday: Family pizza & movie night (“Robin Hood”)

[Summer Hiatus]

Week 26 (12 July ’10)

Monday: Grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes, bulgur and greens gratin

Tuesday: Broccoli rabe, cannellini beans, chicken sausage stew; salad

Wednesday: Dinner out

Thursday:  Buffalo burgers; smoked polish and chicken andouille sausages from Bill the Butcher; steamed green beans and potatoes

Friday: Dinner out

Week 25 (5 July ’10)

Monday: Penne with Radicchio, Spinach and Bacon

Tuesday: Grilled flat iron steak with chimichurri rub; sauteed mushrooms; corn on the cob; green salad

Wednesday:Roast chicken with lemon rosemary garlic rub; sauteed zucchini; leftover pasta

Thursday:  Grilled sockeye salmon with Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love; Catalan-style swiss chard; baked potatoes; Tuscan melon slices

Friday: Caramelized pear and Gorgonzola ravioli; radicchio, spinach and tomato salad with lemon vinaigrette

[Weeks 23-24 – June 21, June 28 — Costa Rica]

Week 22 (14 June ’10)

Monday: Chicken with prosciutto and zucchini; egg noodles

Tuesday: Kobe hamburgers; edamame beans; french fries; green salad

Wednesday: Grilled chicken pesto sausage; cavatelli with pesto; roasted cauliflower; broccoli salad

Thursday:  Airport dinner

Friday: Vacation dinner

Week 21 (7 June ’10)

Monday: Pork and Pineapple Pickup Sticks with savory mint mayonnaise; lentils with sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with coconut curry marinade; Seeds of Change quinoa; caesar salad

Wednesday: Dinner out

Thursday: Kobe “haute dogs;” black beans with rice; diced mango

Friday: Grilled Sockeye salmon “rubbed with love;” Israeli couscous with pinenuts and parsley; green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Week 20  (31 May ’10)

Monday: Dinner out – holiday road trip

Tuesday: Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix with Al Fresco Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage; green salad

Wednesday: Greek meatloaf with Feta; steamed broccoli; mashed potatoes

Thursday: Salmon burgers; french fries; mixed veggies

Friday: NY strip steaks; romaine salad with radishes, tomatoes, blue cheese and lemon vinaigrette; baked potatoes.

Week 19  (24 May ’10)

Monday: Louisiana-style greens with sausage; custard-filled cornbread

Tuesday: Paprika-spiced porkchops; roasted cauliflower and red peppers with caper vinaigrette; asparagus, potatoes and rice (weekend leftovers) doused with coconut curry sauce.

Wednesday: Baked penne and sausage with marinara sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella; green salad

Thursday: Teriyaki Take-out

Friday: Potluck with the ladies in the ‘hood — Hearts of Palm Spread; Chicken Marbella; Super Slaw

Week 18  (17 May ’10)

Monday: “New” Chicken Parmesan and roasted tomatoes; ditalini pasta dusted with parmesan; green salad.

Tuesday: Spicy Thai Tofu (or tempeh) with Red Bell Peppers; rice.

Wednesday: Spaghetti marinara with Trader Joe’s seafood blend (scallops, shrimp, calamari)

Thursday: Chicken burgers with caramelized onions and gouda; farfalle pasta with pesto sauce; arugula salad pears, pecans and goat cheese

Friday: Takeout pizza; salad

Week 17  (10 May ’10)

Monday: Fish tacos; black bean and avocado salad

Tuesday: Braised chicken with spring vegetables; long-grain rice; bok choy and broccoli stirfry

Wednesday: Away (but frozen lasagna for the guys)

Thursday: Curried turkey burgers with yogurt sauce; whole grain flatbread; mesclun salad with chickpeas and cherries

Friday: “Homemade” pizza with Trader Joe’s dough

Week 16  (3 May ’10)

Monday: Scallops in Curry Sauce; basmati rice; green beans

Tuesday: Ravioli with bacon and swiss chard; carrot ginger soup


Wednesday: BBQ ribs in the pressure cooker; baked potatoes; broccoli

Thursday: Spaghetti Carbonara; romaine salad

Friday: Pizza!

Week 15  (26 April ’10)

Monday: Salmon burgers on Orowheat Sandwich Thins; spicy roasted broccoli; french fries; arugula and fennel salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Tuesday: Thai pork chops with spicy vegetable salad; rice.

Wednesday: Chicken with carrots and olives; rice; sauteed kale with garlic

Thursday: Tacos with veggie crumbles or fish sticks, cheese and salsa; corn; “margarita” cole slaw

Friday: Sole with orange brown butter; polenta with goat cheese and rosemary; caesar salad.

Week 14  (19 April ’10)

Monday: Pan-grilled Aidell’s Chicken Sausages with Roasted Garlic and Gruyere; iceberg salad with grapefruit, avocado, blue cheese and pecans; baked potatoes; Roasted Red Peppers and Cauliflower with Caper Vinaigrette.

Tuesday: Macaroni and cheese with ham

Wednesday: Hot dogs and beans :-/

Thursday: Brazilian black bean and ham soup; cheese quesadillas

Friday: Saffron-roasted salmon with tomato fennel compote; quinoa pilaf; steamed asparagus

Week 13  (12 April ’10)

Monday: Chicken burgers with caramelized shallots and blue cheese; french fries; salad

Tuesday: Sausage and White Bean Casserole; salad

Wednesday: Leftovers for the guys while I was out

Thursday: Costco lasagna (to the rescue); salad

Friday: Salsa Couscous Chicken; baby lima beans

Week 12  (5 April ’10)

Monday: Quick fish fillets in curry sauce; basmatic rice; asparagus

Tuesday: Zatarain’s Herbed Rice with ground beef; salad

Wednesday: Pan-roasted pork chops; cabbage braised in cream; mashed yams

Thursday: Rotisserie chicken; rice; broccoli; salad

Friday: Ravioli with apples and walnuts; braised kale

Week 11  (29 March ’10)

See posts on eats in NYC and Washington D.C.

Week 10  (22 March ’10)

Monday: Ham steak glazed with honey mustard; sugar snap peas and carrots; buttered potatoes

Tuesday: Lamb burgers with bulghur, zucchini and potato; feta-cucumber spread; green salad with fennel

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meatballs (from the freezer and even better than the first time around)

Thursday: Dinner at the airport, waiting to catch the red-eye to NYC

Friday: NYC Chinatown – Old Sichuan restaurant

Week Nine  (15 March ’10)

Monday: Gnocchi with roasted cauliflower and sage; prosciutto-wrapped roasted asparagus

Tuesday: St. Paddy’s Corned Beef Dinner leftovers; smashed rutabagas with butter, honey and a sprinkle of cloves and ginger; pear and ginger cake.

Wednesday: Grilled coconut-curry chicken; black bean and rice salad*; spinach salad with peaches and balsamic vinaigrette.

Thursday: Shake n Bake pork chops :-), baby yams, green beans and oh, the beleaguered leftover rutabagas

Friday: Salmon burgers (whew), french fries, green salad

Week Eight (8 March ’10)

Monday: Yankee pot roast; roast potatoes and turnips; steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Kale and potato soup with turkey sausage ; strawberry and spinach salad.

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Trader Joe’s carnitas and homemade flour tortillas; fresh guacamole; strawberry and spinach salad

Friday: Dinner out

Week Seven (1 March ’10)

Monday: Cauliflower & carrot curry; basmati rice

Tuesday: Peasant cabbage and bean soup with kielbasa

Wednesday: BBQ country ribs with sweet and spicy sauce; coleslaw; baguette

Thursday: Leftovers 😉

Friday: Swordfish Nicoise; polenta with parmesan; spinach salad with mustard vinaigrette

Week Six (22 Feb ’10)

Monday: Paprika-spiced pork chops; roasted parsnips and potatoes; spinach salad with fennel and mushrooms and warm bacon vinaigrette.

Tuesday: Broiled tilapia with Thai coconut-curry sauce; basmati rice; steamed carrots with honey and cayenne.

Wednesday: Leftover spaghetti with meatballs

Thursday: Salmon burgers and french fries

Friday: Dinner out and hot pocket/ice cream for thespian son :-/

Week Five (15 Feb ’10)

Monday: Shrimp quesadillas; corn

Tuesday: Ham steak glazed with honey mustard; asparagus with orange zest; pineapple.

Wednesday: Chicken apple sausage; red cabbage salad; chickpeas with lemon and parmesan; caesar salad.

Thursday: Frozen pizza; red cabbage salad; baby carrots

Friday: Dinner out

Week Four (8 Feb ’10)

Monday: Peloponnesian lamb shanks; lemon orzo, green beans

Tuesday: Tofu and bok choy stirfry; rice

Wednesday: Dinner out for me; the guys were left with frozen pizza

Thursday: Broccoli rabe with sausage, pasta and cannellini beans

Friday: Pan-seared albacore tuna steaks; spinach sauteed with garlic; lemon orzo

Week Three (1 Feb ’10)

Monday: Ravioli with spicy cauliflower

Tuesday: Shake n Bake pork chops; roasted parsnips, carrots and red onions; applesauce.

Wednesday: Chicken and sweet potatoes with shallots; green beans.

Thursday: Dinner out

Friday: Meatball subs, french fries and caesar salad for the boys; rib-eye steaks, baked potatoes and caesar salad for the adults.

Week Two (25 Jan ’10)

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie; salad.

Tuesday: Leftover pork tacos

Wednesday: Shrimp and egg fried rice with napa cabbage

Thursday: Grocery deli fried chicken, potato salad, broccoli slaw.

Friday: Tilapia with olives and peppers over angel hair pasta.

Week One (18 Jan ’10)

Monday: Salmon burgers with Orowheat whole wheat sandwich thins; salad of baby lettuces, persian cukes, red bell pepper, a few chunks of blue cheese and lemon vinaigrette; a few leftover brussels sprouts.

Tuesday: Sauteed chicken with spinach and mushrooms; polenta with goat cheese and rosemary.

Wednesday: Italian Sausage casserole with White Beans and Chard; applesauce.

Thursday: Frozen pizza — with cardboard 😉 ; caesar salad.

Friday: Pan-fried dijon crusted cod; sliced mango; roasted broccoli (adapted from this wonderful recipe)


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