Anti-inflammatory eating plan

Elimination Phase =

Yes: Virtually any fruit and vegetable, even potatoes. Tree nuts, eggs, free-range chicken; wild fish; shrimp and scallops.

No: sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy, red meat, pork, canola oil, sweeteners of any kind. No dried corn products.

Week 1

Sunday — Grilled vegetable antipasto; grilled Copper River salmon with Mural of Flavor spice blend and lemon; brown rice; apple sauce

Monday  –Silken tofu in spicy red coconut sauce; brown rice; green beans; raw spinach

Tuesday — Store rotisserie chicken*; steamed asparagus; green salad with balsamic vinaigrette; brown rice

Wednesday — Blackened tilapia* (with Northwoods spice blend); steamed carrots with chives; green salad; sprouted corn tortillas

Thursday — Salmon salad; green salad with peppers and cauliflower; carrots with chives; brown rice cake; blueberries

Friday – Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with shrimp; brown rice; cherry tomatoes; red cabbage slaw; bing cherries with unsweetened chocolate

Saturday — Magenta millet pilaf with beets; swiss chard, beet greens and spinach sauteed with garlic, crushed red pepper and garlic; steamed cauliflower; edamame beans

Week 2

Sunday — Picnic at the winery: Steamed artichoke with caper mayonnaise; arugula salad with olives, peppers, Marcona almonds; smoked salmon; raspberries with dark chocolate bits

Monday  – Trader Joe’s chicken burgers; green salad; magenta millet pilaf  (I cheated a bit with a duck&pork meatball, pork terrine and foie gras at a local foodie event. Shameful, I know.)

Tuesday — Copper River Salmon and fennel with roasted lemon vinaigrette; green beans; magenta millet pilaf

Wednesday — Kathy’s chicken salad with mango sauce over mixed salad; steamed broccoli; watermelon slices

Thursday — Leftover mango chicken salad; carrots

Friday – Grilled Rainier oysters with sauce of fermented black beans, garlic, ginger, sesame oil; quinoa salad with peppers, celery, Walla Walla onions, cilantro, beans and lemon vinaigrette; steamed broccoli; green salad with tomatoes and cucumber

Saturday —Sam’s spicy grilled shrimp on fresh arugula; corn on the cob; fennel slaw

Week 3

Sunday — Brown rice spaghetti with marinara sauce (Muir Organics) and three types of sauteed vegetables: 1) garlic tops, mushrooms and fennel; 2) eggplant and red peppers; and 3) zucchini with roasted garlic. Kalamata olives on top.

Monday — Deborah Madison’s Sauteed Carrots with Seaweed, Ginger and Tofu topped with gomaiso (sesame salt); brown rice; steamed sugar snap peas

Tuesday — Grilled chicken with spicy Brazilian tomato and coconut sauce; brown rice; Deborah Madison’s kale with olives; salad greens and cucumbers with walnut vinaigrette

Wednesday — Keema curry with ground turkey, potatoes, peas, tomato over brown rice; salad with sunchokes; mango

Thursday — PCC Market’s Emerald City Salad; Turkish garbanzo bean salad; smoked salmon; brown rice cake

Friday — Shrimp and bok choy stirfry with garlic and ginger; brown rice; garlic broccoli

Saturday — Steamed artichoke with caper mayonnaise; grilled lamb chops and potato and yam slices; asparagus; green salad

Week 4

Sunday — Wild sockeye salmon on salad greens; fresh steamed turnips and turnip greens; olives and tomatoes; potatoes with capers, walnut vinaigrette

[Start of plateau testing to eliminate remaining food sensitivity triggers: nightshade veggies, citrus, tree nuts]

Monday — Wild salmon on salad greens with olives; turnips and greens; roasted asparagus

Tuesday — Bittman’s Tortillitas with shrimp; corn on cob; braised swiss chard with garlic

Wednesday — Grilled salmon with Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning; romaine and cucumber salad; olives

Thursday — Baked chicken breast; sauteed spinach; green beans; green grapes

Friday — baked chicken; chopped romaine salad with garbanzo beans, carrots, celery, cucumber; roasted cauliflower with capers; strawberries

Saturday — brown rice penne  with chicken sausage; broccoli; artichoke brushetta + olives; salad; strawberries

Week 5 – 3 July

Sunday — Bok choy and nappa cabbage stirfry with shrimp; brown rice

Monday — Thai curry ginger vegetable and tofu stirfry; brown rice (at Thai restaurant)

Tuesday — Tortillitas with shrimp; purple cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, avocado slides; small glass of grapefruit juice; strawberries

Wednesday — Grilled corn with cilantro sauce; grilled salmon; kale with cannellini beans

Thursday — Whole Foods deli dinner

Friday – Dungeness crab; curried quinoa and mango salad; roasted cauliflower salad with lettuce and pinenuts

Saturday — Thai rice noodles with vegetables in coconut sauce (at restaurant)


*Not approved: Chicken should be skinless; tilapia must be wild (most is farmed)

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